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Ireland April / May 2012



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We have a walk in Killaloe and do some shopping. After visiting St. Flannanís church I ask Willi: "What is the most exceptional thing of all here inside this cathedral?" He answers: "The Romanesque doorway, or?" "Yes impressive, but isnít the wheelbarrow beside the High Cross more exceptional?"

Romanesque doorwayRomanesque doorway












Romanesque doorwayHigh Cross with wheelbarrow












We leave Killaloe and head for Mountshannon. Here is the nest of the White-tailed Sea Eagles an attraction for locals and visitors.

MountshannonWatching the Sea Eagles









A cruiser looses steering when approaching to the jetty and drifts. 'Isla' comes along just at the right time, secures her and brings her backwards to a mooring.

SecuredBringing her to a mooring









A joint sailing race of Garrykennedy and Iniscealtra Sailing Club takes place today and we watch them coming in and crossing the finish line. The traffic is bustling with sailing boats, cruisers, powerboats and a kayak in between.

Traffic on Lough DergTraffic on Lough Derg









Meanwhile some boats have arrived. Two modern cruisers are moored behind us and rafted together but there is space enough for us to manoeuvre out backwards. Not an easy manoeuvre but makeable. The point is that I have to do it with an audience of sailors watching it.

The captain of the steel cruiser seems not to trust my driving skills and acts like a monkey on a stick with his boathook. Willi tries to reassure him: “Don’t worry, women are the better drivers.” I bring with short openings of the throttle forward the stern in the right direction and drive relaxed backwards out. His boathook is useless. I stop parallel to his boat and wish him a nice afternoon. This all is watched by the crews of the sailing boats moored to the floating jetty which have lunch break on deck. And when I pass them I get a long row of thumbs up.

We pass Bushy Island slowly and head then up the lake to Dromineer.

Lough DergLough Derg









The harbour is busy and only few spaces are left at the floating jetty. I moor beside a hire boat with a party crew. I initially thought they let their engine run with part throttle to warm it up for going out on the lake but after half an hour we get the impression, they just charge the batteries at the jetty.

We decide to leave and drive to Dromaan. Here it is peaceful and romantic as our friendly neighbours have BBQ and bonfire.

DromaanView to Dromineer









The owner of 'Sea Glaze' comes back from fishing with his lake boat and I ask him if he had caught something. He nods and shows with his hands the size. "A pike?", I ask him. "No, a trout." He shows us a big brown trout, he caught today. He then takes the trout to the Mountshannon Hotel where local fishing club members weigh, measure and sample the fish for an ongoing genetic study of the trout in Lough Derg.

Shannon Airport Max 11.1įC Min 2.7įC Rainfall 0.0 mm Sun hours 3.1 (We had some more) Wind NE F3

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