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Ireland April / May 2012



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We meet only one boat on our way to Lanesborough. Lough Ree welcomes us with only a few ripples. At Inchcleraun we have a side trip to Barley Harbour. The Mouse Ear Stick is missing.

Lough ReeLough Ree









Lough ReeBarley Harbour









Iskeraulin ShoalLough Ree









We then go on further down the lake and north of Nuns Island to the east. We have a look into the Inny River where a group of curlews rest on the shore.

Nut IslandSaints Bay









Entrance Inny RiverCurlews









We would like to moor to the bank overnight but the weather forecast has predicted for tomorrow a frontal system with rain and gale force wind and so we go slowly down along the east coast of Lough Ree, pass the Napper Rocks and drive south of the Hexagon Shoal east around Hare Island into the Inner Lakes where we moor to the barrel in Lough Ballykeeran.

Napper RocksHare Island









Hexagon Shoal, from left to right you can see the islands  Inchmore, Illanfan, Fat Island, Whinningbeg Island (in the back), Green Island (above the green buoy) and Whinning (Shore).Rainbow









Golden reedRed reed









Lough Ballykeeran









Knock Airport Max 13.6C Min 4.5C Rainfall 2.8 mm (We had 0.3) Sun hours 8.5 Wind NE F2 (initially F1, later in the afternoon/evening F2 and at times F4 in a shower)

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