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Friday 13/04/2012 Camlin River - Carnadoe Quay - Battlebridge

Length of boat trip: 5.2 hours

Motto of the day: Frozen ropes, jamming fenders and performance with virtuosity

The night was cold. The wind has changed to NE although there is no wind in the morning. Boat and ropes are frozen but the sun is quickly warming boat and mind. Ground fog rises from the river.

Ground fog on the ShannonCamlin River









Ice on the boatMorning light









Wader in the Camlin CallowsWilli at work









We go along the Shannon further upstream and see again as yesterday three men in two boats measuring the river with GPS.

CFRAMS studyCFRAMS study









Bright sunshine is spoiling us on our way to Roosky. Here we meet Tom, the new friendly lockkeeper. He lifts the bridge and we moor in front of the closed Shannon Key West Hotel. The floating jetty has been removed. We go slowly into the shallow mooring and tie to poles.

Swans on Lough ForbesRoosky's lockkeeper









Roosky weir protectionRoosky









Closed Shannon Key West Hotel









After some shopping we drive on, across Lough Bofin and Boderg. At Carnadoe Quay we have our lunch break.

Carnadoe QuayCarnadoe Quay









In the afternoon we go further on to the north Shannon.

Carnadoe WatersLough Boderg









Lough BodergAlbert Lock









When passing Carrick-on-Shannon a dark cloud is seen arriving from NE.










Carrick-on-ShannonDark cloud









And at the mouth of the Boyle River a cloudburst starts with heavy rain mixed with hail and sleet. Willi jokes that the boat now becomes clean after the bank mooring last night. When arriving at Battlebridge the show is over and it’s again dry and remains dry the whole evening and night. We call the lockkeeper and Paddy Joe arrives 15 minutes later.

Battlebridge LockBattlebridge Lock









I doubt that 36L will fit with the big fenders into the lock but Paddy Joe says that these Silverline boats had been in there before. Ok, I drive slowly in and … Willi shouts from the bow: "Go on! Why do you stop?" I cannot, she is stuck, and the fenders are jamming. Paddy Joe shakes his head. I cannot go forward nor backwards. Only with nearly the full throttle open while praying that the fenders will not burst I manage to drive backwards with a squeaking noise out of the lock and back to the quay. All fenders survive.

Pat is the whole time shaking his head and helps Willi to remove five fenders from one side. The second trial to drive into the lock is successful. Battlebridge Lock is the narrowest of the three Lough Allen Canal locks. A friendly couple, who were walking along, help us to bring the boat with ropes and a bit engine power out of the lock and we replace one fender for the overnight mooring above the lock. We thank all for their help. Paddy Joe cannot stop shaking his head and asks us if Silverline is now using for their boats fenders of a bigger size than in the past.

We tell Paddy Joe that we will start tomorrow not before ten.

Removed fendersBattlebridge









Above Battlebridge LockBattlebridge Lock









The evening is sunny with no wind.

After 22:30 we walk to the Beirne’s Pub on the other side of the Shannon. Here tonight are local musicians meeting for a traditional session. They are really good players and especially the whistle player is performing with virtuosity. The youngest player has to leave at midnight but the music goes on. Sometimes it looks like that there are more people playing than listening. What a great craic! It is later at 1 am when we walk back to the boat.

Knock Airport Max 10.3°C Min 3.0°C (We had frost) Rainfall 0.0 mm (We had one heavy shower with hail and sleet between Carrick-on-Shannon and Battlebridge) Sun hours 8.5 Wind NE F2

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