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Saturday 21/04/2012 Carnadoe Quay - Kilglass

Length of boat trip: 2.3 hours

Motto of the day: Quiet Carnadoe Waters and noise at Kilglass

A sunny day starts and it is a bit milder than yesterday.

Carnadoe bridge









Again we spend a day driving around on the three beautiful Carnadoe lakes. The water is peaceful. We meet today 6 cruisers (underway and at the jetty) and 1 lake boat. What traffic on a Saturday! One heavy shower arrives on Lough Grange and Willi measures gusts of 52 km/h that is F7. But then again it is sunny and calm.

Lough CarnadoeFlood plains









River GrangeCoot still breeding









Lough GrangeGrange with quarry in the background









Lough GrangeLough Grange









Little GrebesCarrigeen Cut









Carrigeen CutCrannog









We moor at Kilglass.

Willi spots a loose fender and borrows a dinghy to fix it.

Borrowing a tenderFixing the fender









We spend a quiet afternoon at Kilglass jetty 'til Ö 'til the burnout tyre racers arrive. Yes, we also have been young and not always brave. So we donít mind that they have an hour's fun. But they donít stop their car drifting for about three hours although we spoke twice with them. The deal of our last talk was two rounds more and then finish. After 50 more rounds I take the camera out of the pocket Ö Lads, itís not fun to watch a nice sunset with the background noise of a Formula 1 race and that one is normally an hour shorter than your amateurish and immature game!

rant on Instead of burning tyres and petrol, wasting time and emptying oil and beer cans, risking your health for nothing and annoying nice people you should find a useful project. /rant off

View to red bedsBurnout tyre racers









Burnout tyre racersKilglass









Kilglass jettyNo!

























The rest of the evening is filled with sound made by nature and to the surprise of our neighbours at the other end of the jetty peaceful. These grown-up fishermen on a hire boat are happy that the silly burnout tyres and the noise have now stopped but they havenít acted by themselves, maybe they feared that the bored and unsocial youngsters would come back later if they said something.

Evening lightEvening mood









Knock Airport Max 12.0įC Min 3.5įC Rainfall 0.5 mm (One shower in the morning on Lough Grange) Sun hours 10.7 Wind F3 N

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