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Wednesday 25/04/2012 Lough Ballykeeran - Golf Club Jetty

Length of boat trip: 1.3 hours

Motto of the day: White horses and heavy rain

The night was calm but the wind picks up in the morning. We leave Lough Ballykeeran and enjoy a ride on the Inner Lakes. It was a good decision not to stay in the Inny River last night. We would have been caught there for a day or two. We drive around Temple Island and to Killinure Point and back. Even the Wineport jetty is rough today and so we moor at the Golf Club jetty beside a nest of a duck and her ducklings.

Wind is picking upRiding on Killinure Lough









Temple Island CutGolf Club Jetty









Before and after.










Later in the afternoon the persistent rain slackens but the storm doesn’t cease. We are sheltered moored at this nice spot.

The only eyesore is the construction waste on the harbour wall and should not be used to shore it up.

Construction wasteGolf Club Jetty









Shannon Airport Max 9.0°C Min 5.5°C Rainfall 4.5 mm (We had more) Sun hours 0.0 Wind NE F5 gusts F7-8


Thursday 26/04/2012 Golf Club Jetty - Killinure Point - Lough Ballykeeran

Length of boat trip: 1.3 hours

Motto of the day: White horses and clean socks

We slept soundly and so I cannot say if it was blustery or not during the night but I believe it was.

It is dry but the wind still very gusty. We leave the Golf Club jetty and drive alist by the strong north-easterly wind to Killinure Point.

The sun is lurking while we have a longer break at Waveline where we use their laundry to wash our stinky socks of the last three weeks.

We meet Sven Neubert on the jetty and have a nice chat about the lake and the brilliant weather on Tuesday, when he also enjoyed boating but didn’t catch any fish.

Killinure Point









Later Inga and Holger moor at the jetty. They arrived yesterday for three weeks boating but were unable to go by boat to Athlone for the usual first shopping, so they spent the night visiting Norbert in John Joe’s Marina. Holger looks at the white thingies out there on the lake beside Hare Island: “Tell me, are there 25 boats out there? If not they must be white horses.”

Inga and Holger are caught another day but use it to drive around on the Inner Lakes in the afternoon. The gusts decrease and the wind becomes steadier. We also go for a spin and ride through Ballykeeran cut to the barrel. Willi trusts the barrel more than our rope and uses a second one. Normally you should moor to the chain of a mooring buoy and not to the buoy but the barrel has seen some heavy metal moored to it in the past and our few tons are a lightweight.

Ballykeeran CutMooring












We wave Inga and Holger to come alongside when they pass but they don’t understand. Or was the clean 'sock forest' (copyright Mick Farrell) the reason to drive on?

VioletSock forest









Sun rays









Shannon Airport Max 11.6°C Min 6.2°C Rainfall 1.3 mm (We had one shower in the afternoon) Sun hours 2.5 Wind NE F4 (We measured a constant F5 at the sheltered jetty and also later at the mooring buoy) gusts F7-8

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