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Friday 27/04/2012 Lough Ballykeeran - Athlone - Clonmacnois

Length of boat trip: 3 hours

Motto of the day: Hire boating unplugged

A bright blue sky welcomes us in the morning.

Lough BallykeeranLough Ballykeeran









We have an enjoyable drive to Athlone.

Lough KillinureWind at Killinure Point









Lough ReeAthlone









After some shopping we lock down before 1 pm. A swan is nesting on the Three Counties Pile. Again we pass surveying workers. Curlews cross the river.

MoorhenThree Counties Pile or should I say Three Counties Pipe and Fender?









We reach Clonmacnois and moor. It is quiet although some hire boats are moored here, 'til an Emerald Star Line boat arrives. First they try to moor between two boats outside at the jetty in a “big” gap. Then they decide to moor inside at the last finger with wind blowing to the shore. And predictably they go aground. They try to drive forwards and dig a channel to the shore.

Big gapI am sailing ...









... to the shore ..... I am digging ...









... through the shore ...... I am sailing ...









... close to shore ...... I am digging ...









Eventually they drive out backwards. Then they decide to moor between us and a Locaboat. At first it goes right till the man in the dinghy drives between the cruiser and the jetty. He and the dinghy nearly get squashed. The man at the helm of the cruiser has to drive backwards and the wind drifts them close to the Locaboat and to avoid a collision, he drives backwards and backwards till the boat is grounded again.

... on the shore ...Second try failed









Grounding againGrounded









Finally they manage to bring the ropes to the cleats and to moor. They celebrate their success loud and visible for all. What an awkward stunt!

Finally mooredCelebration









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