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Tuesday 24/04/2012 Camlin River - Clondara Lock - Lough Ballykeeran

Length of boat trip: 7.5 hours

Motto of the day: Lough Ree’s nicer half

Morning lightBlue reflection









We enjoy the sunny morning, untie, clean the boat and go first up and then down the Camlin River.

UntiedDirty boat









Cleaning the boatCleaning the boat









Camlin RiverCamlin wetlands









We meet some addictives of boating in Ireland again. It was 7 years ago when we met Kieni, his brother and father, in Belturbet.

Kieni with crewDriving through the meadows









Glassy CamlinCamlin









CamlinReflections between the water lilies









Two skiesClondara Lock









At Clondara Lock we have a break while waiting for Liam Cox, the lockkeeper.

Although the gates have been refurbished recently they are still leaking.

A working barge is on the shore which had been drifted in winter flood from the opposite shore.

Willi jokes with Liam after helping with the lock gates that he now will get a discount for locking through. At that answers Liam: “You have to pay 20 € extra for playing lockkeeper!” 1:0 for Liam!

Refurbished lock gatesLiam at work









Back on the Shannon some curlews welcome us. We drive downstream through a smooth as a mirror river surface.



















Boggy floodplainRailway bridge








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