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Monday 30/04/2012 Portumna Castle Harbour - Dromaan

Length of boat trip: 1.7 hours

Motto of the day: Riders on the storm

Health warning: Dont do it. Your crew will be thankful. Not to loose steering in gale force wind is work. While the captain is busy, the crew will feel like a game ball of the waves.

We have a steady wind this morning when going around Gortmore Point. But wind is wind and gusts are gusts. Although we have the wind from the back it becomes increasing choppy. And the funnel effect leads to an increasing wave height. In the lee of Goats road the conditions seems to become better but only for a short while; around Illaunmore we get some strong gusts. The bow is going up and down. Yes, that is a storm ride. We head for Dromaan and I need full throttle to go in, heavy rolling with the waves from the side.


Waves before the rideWaves before the ride









Rough watersWaves









White horsesWhite horses









Brown waterSheltered Dromaan









We moor slowly in the sheltered harbour and relax there the rest of the day. Sometimes a boat owner comes along so we have some chats. An engine has to be repaired and is lifted out.

Engine lifting









Some of the boats in the harbour look well maintained, some as never ending projects and others are in a sad condition and derelict.

Waterways Ireland has installed new signs.

Abandoned boatOutch!









No commentTake away









Later waves can also be seen in the harbour. ;)

Wave in the harbourWhat a technique!









In the evening the wind calms down but just for a moment. He again picks up.

Evening light









Shannon Airport Max 13.1C Min 5.2C Rainfall 0.6 mm (in the morning) Sun hours 3.7 Wind NE F5 Gusts F8


Tuesday 01/05/2012 Dromaan - Mountshannon

Length of boat trip: 1 hour

Motto of the day: The nest on Bushy Island

Its still stormy on the lake. Some rain showers arrive in the morning.

County Council personnel cut the grass and they are so friendly that they collect our rubbish. The Galway side of the shore no longer has bins and waste collection. Instead signs ask people to take their litter away.

Yesterday we saw no other boat on the lake. Today we see two big Emerald Star boats rocking and rolling.










We start late in the afternoon when the gusts have decreased. Its a short way, a bit choppy but not as yesterday and behind Hare Island we are more sheltered in the lee of the shore.

Breezy Lough Derg









We moor at Mountshannon and as all others on the quay we watch Bushy Island and the White-tailed Golden Eagle, who is nesting there. We can see through the binoculars the nest with the female and the male sitting on a separate tree. In the evening we see him flying over the lake.

Shannon Airport Max 13.2C Min 7.7C Rainfall 2.6 mm Sun hours 0.1 Wind NE F5 Gusts F8

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