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Monday 18/04/2011 Clonmacnoise - Lanesborough - Clondara Lock

Motto of the day: A sunny Lough Ree

The morning is bright.










We drive further upstream under a glorious blue sky. We see groups of swans again. The Mute Swan becomes sexually mature in the third or fourth year of his life. The years before then they cluster in flocks.

Swans in the Shannon CallowsShannon Callows









After all the small locks on the Barrow the week before, the lock in Athlone looks huge now in our view.

Athlone Lock









The wind is moderate when we cross Lough Ree.

Lough ReeLough Ree









Lough Ree Buoy 9Lanesborough









After lunch break, staff of ESL use our boat to bring a hire boat from the floating jetty to the quay below the bridge where they can lift the broken engine. Silverline has given permission for this manoeuvre and we have too.

Towing an ESL boatTowing an ESL boat









On our way upstream we see a proud young fisherman catching a pike.

The first pike









Below Clondara Lock lies a sunken boat in the entrance of the Camlin River. Liam Cox, the lockkeeper, arrives after a while and locks us through. With his permission we stay above the lock for the night.

Clondara LockIn the lock









Clondara LockAbove Clondara Lock









Clondara LockRichmond Harbour









Some young adults arrive and jump into the water below the lock.










We watch the boats on the Shannon going upstream and downstream through Tarmonbarry lock and enjoy the nice view.

Sunset Clondara LockSunset Clondara Lock









Sunset Clondara Lock









Shannon Airport Max 17.8C Min 6.7C Rainfall 0 mm Sun hours 10.1

Length of the trip: 7 1/2 hours

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