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We have a nice spin on this unspoilt part of the Snitser Mar. 

Arriving at Snitser MarArriving at Snitser Mar









Sailing Arriving boats on Snitser MarSailing boat









Snitser MarSnitser Mar









Snitser Mar









We moor in the Jouster Feartsje to pack our luggage. In between we enjoy the sun and views.

Jouster FeartsjeGeese and windmill









Jouster FeartsjeSailing boat on Snitser Mar









In the afternoon we drive the short way to the marina and leave.

Crossing the main navigationCrossing the main navigation









A smiling captainWeekend traffic









Leeuwarden Max 16.1C Min 8.7C Rainfall 3.1mm (we had less) Sun hours 6.8 Wind SW F4 Gusts F7




We spent seven great boating days on waterways in Friesland and Groningen. All in all we boated 235 km in 33 hours, 4.6 hours on average per day with 7 km/h average speed.

The weather was mixed but not too bad. It was quite windy but we were lucky to enjoy a calm day on the Lauwersmeer; I have been told by a sailor that these days are rare. We also got some strong winds with strong gale force gusts. We had typical autumnal weather with clouds and rain, sun and blue skies, showers and rainbows.

Every day we saw flocks of wild geese although the bird migration has not yet started. We spotted some white herons (sorry no photo) and met large flocks of ducks and starlings. We saw very few swans.

We sluiced through two locks, passed a lifting bridge three times, one time we managed a self-service lifting of a bridge and one swing bridge had to be opened. That is not much for a boat with 2.40 m airdraft in Friesland and has to do with the chosen route.

We met friendly people. Most of the boaters greeted and thanked us when we gave them space to overtake or when we slowed down to reduce the wake while passing them.

We saw a lot of different types of boats and ships, some of them are real beauties. The tour, we chose, is not a classic route with the typical Frisian towns and cities but it brought us varied waterways every day with their own charm and nature.


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