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Thursday 27/09/2012 Alde Feanan - Grutte Gaastmar De Hemmen - Flakke Brekken - Grutte Gaastmar De Hemmen

Length of boat trip: 6.5 hours

Motto of the day: Riding on lakes and doodling on ponds

The day starts with sparse sun.

Morning sunMorning sun









We start in fluster mode and choose the Folkersleat to the Prinses-Magriet-Kanaal. Behind Grou we are overtaken by a small fish trawler.

Trawler on the canalTraffic









Although rain showers have set in there are sailing boats on the Snitser Mar and of course other traffic.

Sailing boatsOther traffic









We go south and then west on the Johan-Friso-Kanaal.

When passing Heeg the wind picks up. Although again real blustery rain sets in I drive outside. A frontal system arrives just at the moment when we have to cross a lake. Hegemer Mar and De Fluezen are in reality not two lakes, they are one large lake with few islands, not very deep but the SW-NE length of open water lets the near gale SW wind produce some waves and so we are riding. At the island Leijepolle we have to turn to NW, that means we get broadsides and are rolling till we reach the lee of the island Langehoekspolle.

We reach the navigation to Workum and the peninsular between Grutte Gaastmar and Sânmar. Here we moor in a Marrekrite harbour. And yes, as soon as we are at the jetty the rain stops.

De HemmenMarrekrite harbour









De Hemmen









The wind also slackens later in the afternoon and we have a slow drive on the lakes Sânmar, Flakke Brekken, Aldegeaster Brekken and Bombrekken.

De Hemmen harbourBombrekken









Flakke BrekkenFlakke Brekken









We moor for a short while on the west side of the Flakke Brekken with a view over the lakes before we slowly return.

Marrekrite Flakke BrekkenFlakke Brekken









Flakke BrekkenFlakke Brekken
















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