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Tuesday 25/09/2012 Viesvliet - Eastermar

Length of boat trip: 2.75 hours

Motto of the day: Sun and wind on river, canal and lakes

The morning starts sunny after a rough night with strong gale force gusts. The day remains dry, despite some water drops. Accidentally one of them has found a place in the middle of the lens of the camera. We enjoy the Lauwers and some low bridges on our way on the winding river to Stroobos.

ViesvlietDe Lauwers









Railway bridge De LauwersDe Lauwers









At Stroboos we are back to traffic. I let a ship pass before going west on the Van-Starkenborgh-Kanaal. Willi is elated that again overtaking manoeuvres are taking place.

Waiting for the possibility to overtake









We pass the Brandsma boatyard where fine wooden boats have been built since 1898. Beside it we spot Eems, an old tug boat.

Brandsma boatyardEems









Back on Prinses-Magriet-Kanaal we go through the Skulenboarch swing bridge. A truck driver blows horn. He is not greeting us. We are not in Ireland. He gesticulates that we should drive through despite the light is red-green but as we know that the Dutch are more bureaucratic than Germans we wait for green while driving closer and closer to the bridge and then drive fast through.

We reach the Burgumer Mar again and turn south against the wind. Willi measures gusts of F7 during the short crossing..

Skulenboarch swing bridgeBurgumer Mar









We are back on the Lits-Lauwersmeer-Route heading in the opposite direction to last Saturday. Beyond Eastermar we drive on the small river De Lits under a lifting bridge and reach the lake De Leien.

Burgumer Mar, approaching De LitsEastermar lifting bridge









EastermarEastermar lifting bridge









We had intended to moor on the lake at a Marrekrite but the jetty is too exposed. So we turn on the lake and drive back to Eastermar where we moor in more shelter in the nice Passantenhaven.

De LitsEastermar


















There we enjoy the sunny afternoon. We later have a walk and do some shopping at the local butcher.

The Havenmeester comes along and wants some of our cache of coins.

In the evening Sytze of Yachtcharter Sneek also comes along to check successfully a problem with the shower sewage pump. He also tries to solve a problem with the gear on the semi-flybridge but the problem continues and cause difficulties while steering, especially when approaching a mooring.

The evening is quiet despite a short race around the harbour by two youngsters, which finished after taking a photo of them ;).

Leeuwarden Max 16.4C Min 11.0C Rainfall 1.9mm Sun hours 4.6 Wind S F4-5 Gusts F7

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