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Wednesday 26/09/2012 Eastermar - Alde Feanan, Grutte Kritte, Princendijk South - Alde Feanan, Grutte Kritte, Princendijk North

Length of boat trip: 5.25 hours

Motto of the day: Fenworld

It is dry but dull and windy when we start going south on the river Lits and the shallow lake De Leien.

Eastermar lifting bridgeGeese on the shore of De Lits









De LeienDe Leien









We now have to pass a couple of low bridges on the Peinder Kanaal.

Approaching Peinder KanaalPeinder Kanaal









Peinder KanaalPeinder Kanaal









House at the Peinder KanaalPeinder Kanaal









After the last bridge in Opeinde higher boats are moored along the shore. We are now back on waterways which also allow commercial traffic to reach the city Drachten.

Drachten gatewayTraffic









But as usual there are also small boats underway and the swimming pool has of course a breakwater.

Rowing boatSwimming pool









We pass at the end of the Wide Ie the entrance of the Headamsleat which leads to the Prinses-Magriet-Kanaal.

Headamsleat Headamsleat









We drive on through Grytmansrak and Krumme Ie to the Sitebuorster Ie, and then north and on De Geau back eastwards.

Sitebuorster IeCut









Here we spot a farmer ferrying his tractor.

De GeauTractor ferry






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