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Netherlands September 2012



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We start at midday as we are scheduled for the Friese Sluis for 1 pm. The lock can handle boats up to 10 metres and we have 9.8 m.

Approaching Friese SluisFriese Sluis









All goes well despite some flying stones and grass from string trimmers. The workers dont stop cutting while we lock through!

Friese SluisFishing nets De Lauwers









After the lock we pass fishing nets and spot a red mobile phone ;) on the meadow. A heavy rain shower sets in and we drive from inside for a while.

Telephone cabinDe Lauwers









But then it dries again when we reach Munnekezijl. The only living movement today on the water are ducks.










Ducks at MunnekezjilMunnekezjil









The next village is Pieterzijl where we have a lunch break sheltered from the wind before the lifting bridge. We feel observed at the mooring. ;)

Observed at PieterzijlLifting bridge Pieterzijl









After lifting the bridge with a special key we drive on.

Lifting bridge PieterzijlApproaching the lifting bridge Pieterzijl









De LauwersDe Lauwers road bridge









We arrive at Viesvliet where we moor. Half an hour later a frontal system arrives and the wind increases.

Front arriving at ViesvlietMoored at Viesvliet








We also get some really heavy rainshowers. Although we are sheltered by trees, bridge and a high shore we get some waves on this small river.

Thunder clouds ViesvlietMooring Viesvliet









Waves on De Lauwers









Lauwersoog Max 15.4C Min 8.9C Rainfall 17.9mm Sun hours 0.4 Wind SE F6 Gusts F9

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