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But at the moment the water is flat calm and the sailing boats suffer from the lack of a breeze.

Calm Lauwersmeer









Lauwersmeer, view back to the dikeLauwersmeer, lake boats









Calm LauwersmeerLauwersmeer navigation east









We drive south along the eastern shore and turn into the Oude Robbengat. The navigation becomes narrow and shallow.

Lauwersmeer, navigation eastLauwersmeer


















We reach the Marrekrite mooring Stropersgat north where we moor for lunch.

While we arrive, a Tjalk is leaving, or should I say tries to leave. They try to go out to the main channel with long stakes but get stuck in mud. We are told by the hire company that we are not insured if we help them. They try to get free with the anchor winch but the mud doesn’t hold the anchor. Bruinvisch is an old traditional sailing boat from 1902 with a flat bottom hull, designed to dry out when the tide is out in the Wadden Sea.

At one point of the self rescue they start the engine. What a beautiful sound! She is fitted with a Kromhout Glühkopfmotor (gloeikop moter; I don’t know how to translate this in English, could it be hot-bulked engine?) with one cylinder and 30 hp from 1917.

If you want to listen to her see this video and how to start her Kromhout Glühkopfmotor you can see here .

We hope that she will get free after we have left without any help provided. At home I came into contact with the captain via email and he told me that all went well and they are used to getting stuck with her. I think it was a nice day for a grounding ;)










We drive on south; the wind picks up but not much when we pass the second island with moorings in the Stropersgat. We then turn southeast into the Reitdiep.

Stropersgat southLauwersmeer









Here we spot some Scottish Highlanders, 300 of them were released around the Lauwersmeer as the second natural mowers.

Marrekrite ReitdjipScottish Highlanders









After going through the open Reitdiep lock we moor in the harbour of Zoutkamp. Willi goes into ZK86, a fine fish restaurant in old buildings which were in former times used for storing lock gates, to pay the mooring fees.




















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