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Wasserrausch goes Friesland


Friday 21/09/2012 Sneek

Motto of the day: Back on board

We arrive after 7 pm at Yachtcharter Sneek. We are too early and Greta is busy with a weekend hirer. While waiting and walking on the jetties we watch how Sytze, her husband, arrives in the fading daylight with a boat in tow. The boat has gearbox damage and could not be repaired underway. The customers get an upgrade and change the boat. Fritz, who is working for Sytze and Greta, later obtains my photo for publishing it on the news page of their website.

In tow









The evening is dull but mild and dry when we bring our luggage on board Struzer, a 32 feet hybrid-boat.

Leeuwarden Max 15.1°C Min 10.4°C Rainfall 16.2mm Sun hours 0 Wind SW F4 Gusts strong F5 (during the night)


Saturday 22/09/2012 Sneek - Burgumer Mar - Senneroog

Length of boat trip: 6.75 hours

Motto of the day: Traffic and quiet waters

After a windy night with rain slashing down the morning starts sunny with some brief showers.

On board StruzerWasserrausch goes Friesland









The slide roof of the narrow boat, we had on the River Barrow in Ireland, has been easier to handle than the one on Struzer.

Entrance Struzer









We start after a short technical briefing and leave the marina at 11 am to the main channel between Sneek and the Snitser Mar. I ask Willi if all the fenders are in and Willi counts. Ouch! We are missing one fender! The fender must have been not well secured and we haven’t checked this! A heavy rain shower starts when we turn. A boat which has been following us is going between buoy and shore although some strong gusts are blowing and they successfully handle a MOB manoeuvre. We go alongside and get our fender back. Thanks a lot! What a friendly welcome in Friesland!

So, Friesland seems to welcome us with an adventure! What will come next?

We drive on and arrive at the crossing of the Prinses-Margriet-Kanaal. We have to let two commercial ships pass before following the main navigation crossing the lake to northwest.

Although off the main season we see some traffic and meet interesting boats: some fine motor vessels, sailing vessels nearly colliding and a house on a boat. And that all within 20 minutes!

Traffic on Snitser MarFine lines









TrafficSailing traffic









Sluice TerherneHouse on a boat









In the long stretch after the open Sluice Terherne I take the chance to overtake.










Although in Friesland we spot the “Rhein”.










The trip boat in front of us is not small but it looks so when the container ship passes. We are so busy watching ships and boats and bridges that we forget to take a photo of the aqueduct where the highway A32 goes under the Prinses-Margriet-Kanaal.

Container shipContainer ship









We reach Grou, where a ferry is also crossing the canal.

Crossing at GrouTraffic







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