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At Fenniscourt there is another long weir. And John awaits us at the lock and helps us to take on water; its the last time we take some on this tour.

Fenniscourt weirFenniscourt weir with railway bridge in the distance









Finnery moored above Fenniscourt Lock Vicarstown









He also opens the gate so that we can have a closer look at 77M, which has recently been lifted. Here you find further readings and there a piece in German about lifting of the more than 70 tons hulk.













We say goodbye after the lockkeper has locked us down (again through only one gate I also passed this driving test) and drive downstream with half a boat length distance to the shore because of the rocks along the towpath side of the river. We pass the silted up harbour of South Star Cruisers and reach the long weir of Slyguff, the oldest one on the navigation.

Fenniscourt LockCurrent below Fenniscourt Lock









Ex-harbour of South Star CruisersBarrow above Slyguff









Slyguff weirSlyguff weir









Slyguff weirSlyguff weir









We moor at this quiet spot above the lock. If the derelict lockkeeper house could speak and tell us its stories instead John arrives surprisingly again and looks after us. We talk while sitting on a beam of a lock gate and enjoy the magic of this remote place, which in former times has seen the canalboats going up and down.

Finnery above Slyguff LockSlyguff Lock and derelict lockkeeper house









Below Slyguff LockView the east at Slyguff Lock









View the east at Slyguff LockFinnery above Slyguff Lock









It has needed a day to become acquainted with the river. On the second day we fall in love with it. On the third day we have become addicted to boating on the Barrow.

The swifts are hunting above the water surface and a pair of moorhens near the jetty is busy. It is cloudy in the evening but spring has arrived. We hear a cuckoo. A pheasant is also heard like we did yesterday. Bats are hunting around the boat.

Oak Park (Carlow) Max 13.3C Min 1.7C Rainfall 0

5 locks, 15.9 km, 4 hours 6 minutes

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