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We reach Ballytiglea Lock. The exit of the cut below the lock is a bit silted and I keep close to the bank although considering the drift by the current. This is also a rocky section to Ballytiglea Bridge and in addition to that also a narrow river section.

Ballytiglea LockBallytiglea Lock









Current below Ballytiglea LockRocks below Ballytiglea Lock









Rocks below Ballytiglea LockRocks below Ballytiglea Lock









Ballytiglea BridgeBallytiglea Bridge









After the bridge the current decreases. The entrance of the cut at Borris Lock after the weir is narrow, shallow and silted.

Borris weirBorris weir









Shallow and narrow entrance Borris cutBorris cut









We moor above the lock and sun is breaking through the clouds. Willi opens the racks of the upper gate. The lock fills up and Willi closes the racks again. But the water is dropping as the lower gate is leaking.

Borris LockBorris Lock









Borris LockBorris Lock









We spend the evening on deck listening to a bird concert and the babble of water running over the overflow of the cut.

Finnery at Borris LockBorris Cut above the lock









Borris Cut below the lock









Oak Park (Carlow) Max 11.8C Min 6.1C Rainfall 4.4 mm

4 locks, 10.4 km, 2 hours 22 minutes

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