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William opens the gates and locks us through. We enjoy a nice drive further down to the Clogrennan cut. The marker at the entrance is missing or hidden but the trees are cut so that it cannot be missed. The cut is leading through greenery and woods.

Carlow LockBarrow below Carlow









Barrow below CarlowEntrance Clogrennan cut









The lockkeeper opens only one gate and I pass the driving test. The cut below is silted up at the jetty, where we moor for our lunch break and relax on deck. As well the mooring above the lock is silted. A boat coming back from the festival in Carlow last weekend passes. This is the third moving boat in two days!

Clogrennan LockBelow Clogrennan Lock









Clogrennan LockView downstream from Clogrennan Lock









Boat at Clogrennan Lock









We go on downstream in the afternoon and reach a good flow below the natural shallows at Clogrennan. The river is winding and the views are changing at every bend to surrounding hills, open landscape and nicely wooded river stretches.

Entering the river below Clogrennan LockCurrent below Clogrennan Lock









Barrow below ClogrennanBarrow below Clogrennan









Clodagh ChurchBarrow below Clogrennan









Flood plain below Clogrennan









We reach Milford and stay very close to the towpath at the island above the bridge to avoid a well known sandbank.

Island above the bridge across the Milford cutBridge across the Milford cut









We moor in the cut above the lock. On the other side are six boats of the Heritage Boat Association ‘Magnet’, ‘Isolde’, ‘Aqualegia’ , ‘72M’, ‘Trust Me Scout’ and ‘68M’ moored.

Milford above the lockMilford above the lock








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