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Joe Moore arrives and brings us down through Lock 26, 27 and 28, which follow in a short distance.

Lock 26Lock 26









View back Lock 26Athy









Then we cross the River Barrow to the east shore above the weir which is under the railway bridge. Below the bridge the first lateral canal or cut starts.

Barrow at AthyBarrow at Athy









Athy weirArdreigh cut









Ardreigh cutArdreigh cut









Some people enjoy this sunny Sunday, walking on the towpath along the cut. The lifting bridge before Ardreigh Lock is open. We pass two moored boats there. Joe locks us through and we moor for a lunch break at the jetty below.

Ardreigh lifting bridgeArdreigh Lock












Ardreigh LockArdreigh Lock









Some teenagers arrive and jump from the lock wall and gate and swim inside the lock.

Ardreigh Lock









In the afternoon we drive further downstream. This is our first real stretch on the second longest river in Ireland down to Levitstown weir, where also some young people are swimming above the weir.

Barrow below ArdreighBarrow below Ardreigh









Levitstown weirLevitstown weir









Levitstown cut is the longest on the Barrow Navigation with four bridges across.

Levitstown cutLevitstown cut









At one bridge I had to wait because a man let a horse swim under the bridge in our direction. Instead of bringing it to the shore he lets the horse turn and swim the whole way back. ‘Finnery’ is now diagonal in the canal and, with some effort I avoid not getting stuck in the shallows.

Levitstown cutLevitstown cut









Levitstown cutLevitstown lifting bridge








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