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We lock down at Balligrane. The cut below is a bit silted but we get no problems.

Lock slave at Ballingrane LockLock slave at Ballingrane Lock









Finnery coming into Ballingrane LockFinnery leaving Ballingrane Lock









Again we have some current for a short part but after, the water surface is like a mirror, only some ripples and whirls indicate rocks underwater.

Below Ballingrane LockBelow Ballingrane Lock









Rocks underwater below Ballingrane LockMirrored bank below Ballingrane Lock









Barrow below Ballingrane LockBarrow below Ballingrane Lock









Clashganna weir welcomes us with some kayakers on it. We have a longer break above the lock and walk around.

Kayakers at Clasganna weirKayakers on Clasganna weir









Willi also walks up the hill and take some photos from there. The kayakers have a lunch break at the lock before going downstream.

Clasganna LockClasganna Lock









Clasganna LockClasganna Lock









The lockkeeper arrives and shakes his head as well as the kayakers had done when discovering a fire place close to the lock and a lot of rubbish around and partly burned in it. “They should pay a lot of money for burning the plastic rubbish there,” said one kayaker. The lockkeeper leaves but is quickly back with bags, tools, soil and seed. He collects litter (also blankets and clothes), removes ash and sows new grass.

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