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The kayakers launch behind ‘Finnery’ and we watch them going over Clashganna weir.

Kayakers launching at ClashgannaKayaker on Clashganna cut









Kayaker above Clashganna weirWaving kayakers below Clashganna weir









Kayaker below Clashganna weir









Patrick brings us down and opens only the left lower lock gate. I drive slowly out of the lock and reverse then to go straight close the towpath and jetty side to avoid a silted bank on the right below the lock in the cut. The mill stream brings a lot of sediments every winter and the dredger only reaches half way in the cut. You can see the colour of the sand at the bank on the photos taken from on the hill (previous page). These are remains of the dredging.

Clashganna Lock, lower gateClashganna Lock, going through one opened lower gate









Hard backboard below Clashganna LockBelow Clashganna Lock, mill stream









Below Clashganna LockEntrance Ballykennan cut









It takes only some minutes to the entrance of Ballykennan cut. Signs mark the entrance well. The trees have been trimmed. The ruin of Clohastia Castle can be seen through the trees as they are still not completely green.

Sign entrance Ballykennan cut









We meet the kayakers again and wait some minutes to let them launch at the mooring, where we tie up.

Ballykennan cutBallykennan cut, kayakers launching









Ballykennan cut, kayakersBallykennan cut, kayakers









I had yesterday informed Trevor Cordy, the lockkeeper that we will arrive this afternoon at the first of his locks. I phone him now again. We are in no hurry and relax. I hear a motorboat and suddenly a loud bang. We run down and see a boat grounded on the opposite side of the river where it should not have been. They get off the rock with a boat hook. I’m wondering that they have no hole in the hull, so loud was the bang. They turn and drive back downstream. That was the fourth moving boat we saw. On the whole six days we saw five, one of them grounded on a rock, what a quote!

Grounded boat below Ballykennan LockOn the rocks, grounded boat below Ballykennan Lock








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