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It goes on to Leighlinbridge with the oldest bridge of the navigation. Here we go again across to the east side of the river.

Approaching LeighlingbridgeBridge at Leighlingbridge, oldest of the Navigation









Leighlingbridge with Black CastleLeighlingbridge









In a short distance we reach the weir before Rathellin cut and when going through the entrance of the cut 'Finnery' slows suddenly down and glides over silt. A kingfisher is flying before the boat in the cut.

Rathellin weirView back, entrance of Rathellin cut









FinneryRathellin cutLocomotive in Rathellin cut









At the lock John OíNeill, the lockkeeper, awaits us and brings us down through the lock. We arrange to meet after the lunch break at the lock in Bagenalstown. Here we moor above the lock. We missed the sunken car, maybe itís removed, but we nearly hit a metal part in the water just beside the bollard in the back which looks like a part of a former machine.

Rathellin LockBagenalstown









BagenalstownObstruction Bagenalstown









After lunch we go on through the lock which is the deepest single lock on the Barrow with 3.26 m.

Bagenalstown lifting bridge and LockBagenalstown Lock









Bagenalstown Lock with lifting bridgeCurrent below Bagenalstown Lock









The following stretch demands attention again from the skipper. Further downstream the Royal Oak Bridge awaits us with some current and rocks below in the middle. At the following railway bridge there is some silting visible. We keep close to the towpath the whole way, which is sometimes not easy with the current and overhanging branches and bushes, so that again I have a busy but enjoyable job at the tiller. Sometimes it is going too fast to enjoy really the views and the landscape. How different must it be to go the same way back upstream?

View back to the entrance to Bagenalstown LockRoyal Oak Bridge









Royal Oak Bridge (note the rock on the left)Island below Royal Oak Bridge









Island below Royal Oak BridgeView below Royal Oak Bridge









Railway bridgeRailway bridge









Landscape above Fenniscourt LockSwan at Fenniscourt weir






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