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We moor for lunch at the Carnadoe Quay and are again the only boat there. In the afternoon we put the canopy and arch down for the bridge and reach the Carnadoe Waters. The water level is still up and the drive enjoyable.

Carrigeen CutCarrigeen Cut









We arrive at Kilglass and moor there but with the increasing wind the jetty is a bit squeaking. The local rusty party boat, we know from last year, is also not contributing to the mood. But the main argument not to stay here is that I donít like the view over the again recently burned wetland. It is the third time we see this here. So we decide to leave and turn after the Carrigeen Cut into Lough Grange. After a sunny drive we moor sheltered in the Cuilmore Marina.

Aproaching Lough GrangeLough Grange









Cuilmore Marina, Grange









Knock Airport Max 9.5įC Min 3.3įC Rainfall 3.5 mm Sun hours 4 Mean Wind F4, at times strong F8



Monday 29/04/2013 Cuilmore Marina (Grange) - Roosky - Lanesborough

Length of boat trip: 5.25 hours

Motto of the day: Going downstream and a nice evening

Again we have a mix of clouds and sun and some showers in the morning and not only we relax. Some French fishermen start their angling holiday today and are introduced by a ranger of the fishery board.

Marina dogFrench fishermen









Our drive back to Carnadoe Bridge is sunny altough some dark clouds are lurking. Also the slow drive on Lough Boderg and Bofin remains dry.

Lough GrangeLough Carnadoe









Lough Boderg









DerrycarneDerrycarne narrow between Lough Boderg and Lough Bofin









Just as we are moored after passing the lifting bridge at Roosky a heavy shower with hail is bursting. But the sun is back after a short while when we drive into the lock. While waiting for Tom, who is again busy at the bridge, I lurk in his working cabin. The arm of the chair has seen better days. I wonder if the managers of Waterways Ireland in their comfortable seats in the new headquarter in Enniskillen have knowledge about these working conditions?

Roosky LockRoosky Lock









Roosky LockRoosky Lock









We lock down together with two other hire boats and moor for lunch again at the jetty below. The water levels have dropped some inches and five more gates are closed at the weir.

Roosky sluicesRoosky Lock









In the afternoon we have a dry and sunny drive to Tarmonbarry. Here we have to wait more than one and a half hour for the bridge lifting although the lockkeeper of Tarmonbarry Lock has said half an hour when I phoned him when passing the Camlin River.

In the lock two dinghies of a big hired boat are blocking the entrance. The drunken crew is on deck watching us with hands in their pockets. Only one crew member clears the dinghies.

Liam arrives as always after a very slow cycling from the bridge and locks us down with no explanation why we had to wait so long for the bridge lifting. No other boat has locked up during our waiting time and we also havenít seen him cycling to and back from Clondara Lock.

We give the boat with the drunken crew a wide berth after watching the skipper driving zigzag below the lock.

After a sunny trip down the river we reach Lanesborough. At the entrance to the floating jetty a hired boat is grounded. I assume that he was coming downstream and took the wrong side of the marker. The arrows can be overlooked in backlight but havenít they looked on the chart? Carrickcraft staff has launched a small working boat to pull them off the rocks.










Grounded boat at LanesboroughGrounded boat at Lanesborough









In the evening we get nice visitors; Duncan and his family come along.

Later bats are hunting in the fading daylight.

Knock Airport Max 9.8įC Min 3.6įC Rainfall 4.2 mm Sun hours 8.5 Mean Wind F4

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