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Wednesday 24/04/2013 Lanesborough - Roosky - Carnadoe Quay

Length of boat trip: 4 hours

Motto of the day: Floating fenders and the first cuckoo

The night was windy with some light rain. In the morning a front arrives and the wind changes to NW and decreases. The rest of the day remains dry. The school class boats start upstream and one boat loses two fenders at the bridge. A nice German boater on the ESL boat beside us goes out with his dinghy and collects them. He tries to reach the boats upstream but they are too fast moving. So he brings the fenders back to the jetty. As his crew is heading south to Portumna we take the fenders with us.

Floating fendersShannon above Lanesborough









We follow them upstream and see two more green fenders below the railway bridge. A CC-boat with German fishermen, we had met at Shannonbridge, is anchoring above the bridge. I talk to them and they promise to catch the two fenders with their dinghy. We spot again a lot of swans on our way to Tarmonbarry and I stop counting at 50. The current is strong above Tarmonbarry and we are slowed down by additional 5 kilometres per hour. We have a lunch break at the waiting jetty below Roosky Lock and see that there is not a great difference between the up- and downstream level of the Shannon. All but one of the gates at the weir are open.

RooskeyRoosky weir









After the lunch break we lock up and deliver the fenders to the boat which is missing them. The girls are happy; they thought they will not get them back. We do a short shopping in the supermarket and go then through the lifted bridge. On our way on Lough Bofin and Boderg we only pass one other boat; 'The Puzzler' has arrived back on the Shannon. We moor at the empty Carnadoe Quay. Here we hear the first time this year a cuckoo.

The PuzzlerCarnadoe Quay









Knock Airport Max 10.6C Min 4.2C Rainfall 6.4 mm (in the night and morning) Sun hours 0 Mean Wind F3



Thursday 25/04/2013 Carnadoe Quay - Carrick-on-Shannon

Length of boat trip: 2.3 hours

Motto of the day: Town life

After some light rain during the night the day starts dry and on our slow drive to Albert Lock the sun is breaking through the clouds.

Albert LockLockkeepers









We enjoy going slowly upstream on Jamestown Canal and the sunny Shannon to Carrick-on-Shannon.

Jamestown CanalJamestown Canal


















Here we enjoy the day with some shopping and relaxing. Sunshine and short showers, some with hail, alternate. Few boats are passing, one on the road. We also see rowing boats of the local club passing accompanied by trainers on inflatable boats in the afternoon.

Carrick-on-ShannonFarmers Market at Carrick-on-Shannon









Jetty at Carrick-on-ShannonRain at Carrick-on-Shannon


















Rain and hail at Carrick-on-ShannonRowing boat at Carrick-on-Shannon









Evening light at Carrick-on-Shannon









Later in the evening we walk to The Dock for a concert of traditional music.

Knock Airport Max 10.1C Min 2.9C Rainfall 4.9 mm Sun hours 8 Mean Wind F3

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