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Monday 03/05/10 Black Lough - Cloondavaun Bay - Carrigahorig Bay - Terryglass

Length of boat trip: 5 hours

Motto of the day: Sheltered bays and places

The wind has slackened and we enjoy a calm morning. 'Jokaju', 'Paragon', 'El-Roi', 'Kobold', 'Shang Sha', 'Wasserrausch on Silver Spray' and 'Tanjuan' are rafted together. We start after brunch on 'Kobold' and 'Tanjuan' leads us safe back through the rocky waters. We follow first slowly ''Chang Sha' and after reaching open water we head for an anchor place in the Cloondavaun Bay.

Quiet morningRafted fleet









Rafted fleetFollowing 'Chang Sha'









'Paragon' and 'Jokaju' say goodbye they head for the Portumna Bridge lifting. Also 'Chang Sha' is on her way back home. The four boats left, raft together beyond Clondagough Castle. In the afternoon we go on further northeast and anchor in the Carrigahorig Bay. 'Wasserrausch' leads the boats on the way back and 'Tanjuan' and 'El-Roi' head for Portumna. 'Kobold' is going south and Brian gives us a nice good bye. It was a great weekend and we have met very nice people, we have enjoyed a great company and are sure that we see us all again!

Carrigahorig Bay'Kobold', 'Tanjuan' and 'El-Roi'









We moor at Terryglass. The great company of the weekend has sent us a warmhearted feeling but now it is mixed together with wrench. Mick (Shannoner) recognizes us and says hello. He saw the fleet coming out from behind Illaunmore today. We watch two ducks getting a lift on a boat, but who is driving?

Duck lift









The day fades away with a great sunset.










Orange sky










Tuesday 04/05/10 Terryglass - Portumna Castle Harbour - Terryglass

Length of boat trip: a bit more than 1 hour

Motto of the day: A rest day

The day is cloudy and the sun is seldom breaking through, also the Eurasian coot looks dull. Mick comes along again for a chat before he leaves for Portumna Bridge and gives us some tips for the ferry and landbridge for our trip back home which we have to book today. We drive the short way to Portumna Castle Harbour and have a walk to the town. In the evening we drive back to Terryglass and spot a problem with the batteries.










Hole in the cloud










Wednesday 05/05/10 Terryglass Woodford River, Conor Hogan Jetty - Rossmore Quay - Terryglass

Length of boat trip: 4 hours

Motto of the day: The lovely Woodford River

A mechanic of Silverline arrives in the morning and repairs the broken recharger cable. The service of Silverline is very good!

We head to Rossmore Pier and go over the sand bank with no problems into the Woodford River. The Woodford winds through a boggy landscape. What a beautiful river!

The IWAI Lough Derg branch has maintained this old navigation off the beaten tracks for years. In February this year they had anchored two barrels to mark the two hazards: "There are two hazards (rocks) on the last bends of the Woodford before the jetty, the first (going upstream) "Heagertys Rock MK1" extends approx 15 feet from the left bank and is less than 18 inches below the surface it should be passed to the right , the second "Heagertys Rock MK2" is approx 12 feet out from the right bank and is 2 ft 6 in below the surface ( this is a pinnacle rock and could puncture a hull ) and should be passed to the left." IWAI forum It's a pity that Waterways Ireland doesn't support this lovely navigation as was done in the 1840s! The second buoy, set some weeks ago by the Derg branch has gone. The barrel was caught downstream by the first one.

Entrance Woodford RiverWoodford River









Woodford RiverBarrels on the Woodford River









We reach the 'Conor Hogan Jetty' and I approach without any problems close to the starboard shore. But later when turning we twice have some discussions with the sand bar in front of the jetty. The water level is at normal summer levels and we have 'only' 35 feet length and 3 feet 2 inch draft. I cannot believe that barges can turn there but they have and will do it as Joe Tracey has ensured me in the IWAI forum.

At Conor Hogan JettyConor Hogan Jetty









We drift slowly down and moor at Rossmore Quay for a longer break. There we watch terns, which are nesting on Goat's Road and other islands, while hunting the mayflies in the bay. In the late afternoon we head to the northeast and moor again at Terryglass.

Woodford RiverRossmore Bay







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