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Sunday 03/95/09 Inishclare - Aghinver

Length of boat trip: 2.2 hours

Motto of the day: A choppy Broad Lough, watersports in the lee of the islands and a full public jetty at Castle Archdale

The morning is sunny but the wind has increased. We drive to Inishmacsaint and watch in the south again the race of the small sailing boats. John tells us later that the gusts were nearly to the point where they have to stop it. Later we drive north. It's blowing F5 and more in gusts coming from NW and a nice ride for us against 80 cm 'mountain' waves. The spray is going over the windshield of the flybridge but the weather is fine.

Behind the sheltered islands is it busy on the Bankholiday weekend. We moor at Davy's Island and later at the General's Quay and watch the watersport. The weather forecast announces varying wind and we decide to search a sheltered jetty but the public jetty at Castle Archdale is full. So we moor overnight in the outside harbour of Aghinver and enjoy the nice view of the lake. Willi clamps damp clothes between the ship's side and the ropes to stop the squeaks.

Castle ArchdaleAghinver










Monday 04/05/09 Aghinver - Castle Archdale

Length of boat trip: 0.5 hours

Motto of the day: Gale

Today the wind reaches gale force and brings a lot of rain. We cannot say that we had too much rain during the first three weeks but had a lot of wind. But today we get a storm.

After a drive around the islands we moor sheltered at Castle Archdale. There it's no problem with a F8 and it's nice to walk to the entrance and watch the waves coming over the breakwater. We have crossed Lough Ree and Lough Derg in F 4 and 5 and more in gusts but during our last days we don't want any stress. So we have a relaxed day without driving.

People coming around are concerned that we have to go out today and are satisfied when I say no, tomorrow.

wind starts rain









dog and ducks

A dog contributes to our amusement when hunting the ducks on the jetty.







dog and ducks dog and ducks









dog and ducksdog and ducks









The strong wind is steady during the evening and the waves are rolling in.

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