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Friday 24/04/09 John Joe's Marina - Lanesborough

Length of boat trip: 3.0 hours

Motto of the day: A glassy Lough Ree, the unemployed gull and a great sunset

The morning starts grey and rainy. Norbert again drops in for an hour before we leave. The rain stops and we enjoy a covered but dry drive on a waveless Lough Ree which reflects the sky. We spot the Garda boat between bouy 7 and 8. A diver has towed something down in the water.

Garda boatLough Ree











After mooring at the jetty in Lanesborough the wind increase and turns to west. Showery weather sets in. We have been lucky to cross the lake during the right time window on an enjoyable quiet drive.

The gulls are having a discussion on the breakwater. One of them has become unemployed. He had worked as a clue on a black bouy south of Lanesborough but this was replaced by a marker. After a fight over a new job the looser walks depressly away.

Common GullsCommon Gulls









Common Gulls Common Gulls









Common Gulls Common Gulls









Common Gull









The evening is again dry and we get another time window for a great sunset that goes down all in yellow and red light. After a cloudy day a blue sky opens up.



























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