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Saturday 25/04/09 Lanesborough - Carnadoe

Length of boat trip: 3.2 hours

Motto of the day: Riding against F6 and bats around the boat

It was a good decision to cross Lough Ree yesterday. At dawn heavy rain and fresh wind start. We are driving in the morning against gusty and strong wind to Tarmonbarry where we have a break below the lock. On the way we pass an unusual marker.










It's dry but later heavy showers arrive. After one of these in the afternoon we go through the lock. Asking Liam, the lockkeeper, where the promised glass houses on the weir are, he hits back "You know, last year you could have bought a house with a free boat inclusive. This year you can buy a boat and will get a free house on top."

The wind decreases a bit but really heavy showers are following. The wiper is overchallenged. Before the lock at Roosky we wait for a break between the showers and for a boat which has followed us. We drive further on through the lifted bridge behind a hire boat of ESL which is leaving after a pub visit. On Lough Bofin they are going straight into Lough Scannel. We are joking that they want to anchor there. Just before we leave the lake we spot them in the background following us after a not planned side trip.

We cross Lough Boderg and are lucky to find a mooring space at Canadoe Quay. The voice of a cuckoo welcomes us. After the evening meal I spend an hour or so at Tom's and Mikel's invitation on their boat with a nice chat during which Willi relaxes watching the bats.











Sunday 26/04/09 Carnadoe - Keshcarrigan

Length of boat trip: 6.3 hours

Motto of the day: Leaving the Shannon


It's covered but dry. The drive to Carrick-on-Shannon is unspectacular apart from another unexpected side trip of a hire boat which drives coming from CoS into a bay on Lough Corry. Another hire boat starts to follow them but as they spot us they change their mind.

At CoS Conor comes along for a brief visit. In the afternoon we start to Leitrim. The wind has increased with rain showers. Our target is Keshcarrigan and we are lucky to go through five locks without rain. Then showers set in and after arriving at Keshcarrigan intensive rain starts.



Monday 27/04/09 Keshcarrigan

Length of boat trip: 0.0 hours

Motto of the day: A day for us

A dry and sunny but again windy day starts. We decide spontaneously to have a rest day. In the evening some darker clouds arrive and we get some rain but again a blue band gives us sunset mood.











Tuesday 28/04/09 Keshcarrigan - Haughton Shore

Length of boat trip: 4.1 hours

Motto of the day: A pontoon in the lock, an unexpected splash, zigzag around markers and a great sunset

The nightly showers stop in the morning. The decreased wind has turned to N. The sky is covered with rare blue spells but dry. At Ardrum lock we get a pontoon in the lock as last year. WI staff are cleaning the lock walls with high-pressure water blasters.

The drive to Ballinamore is unspectacular till a loud splash some metres before the bow alarms me. What is this? Ah, I have forgotten to take shelter at hole 2 of the golf course. A golf player has nearly holed the ball in our boat. In Ballinamore a man comes to the boat and begs for money. This is the first time in Ireland that this has happened to us. The beggar has a foreign accent but we are not in Dublin or?

We drive slowly further on to Haughton Shore. After arriving the sky clears and the sun gives us a sunny afternoon.

pontoonHaughton Shore




















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