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Thursday 24/09/09 Galloon - Naan Island - Cloonatrig

Length of boat trip: 4.3 hours

Motto of the day: Wind plays on the Upper Lough Erne

We leave Galloon and drive passing Crom again on to the Upper Lough Erne. We steer on the western route and relax for some hours moored at Naan Island in the lee of the wind.

CormorantCatching a small pike









Upper Lough ErneNaan Island









Later we enjoy the increasing wind and the small waves while going further downstream. It’s dry but with less sun. The Cladagh of Swanlinbar River has brought some further trees to the Upper Lough Erne during the summer flooding.

Upper Lough ErneMouth of Cladagh River









Mouth of Cladagh RiverCuilcagh









Some people gild the lily with dumping building rubble on the bank.

HouseBuilding rubble









We moor at Cloonatrig Jetty besides Corrigans Shore Guest House. The owner has got a new private jetty since our last visit.

Private jetty Moon










Friday 25/09/09 Cloonatrig - Enniskillen - Devenish

Length of boat trip: 3.3 hours

Motto of the day: Environmental issues

The river is calm and a farmer makes use of the windless day to spray weedkiller close to the shore opposite the jetty.

River ErneSpraying weedkiller









We take water at Tully Inishmore where two workers of a contractor of Waterways Ireland start to clean the jetties with a special high-pressure water blaster.

Cleaning the jettywater blaster









On the opposite shore has the farmer done his bit and contributed to the phosphate and nitrate concentration in Lough Erne with liquid manure brought out close to the water. We drive further north.

Brown meadowBellanaleck









There’s not much traffic but at the rowing course we are overtaken.










At Enniskillen we moor at Round O, but the jetties are occupied by ducks and their excrements, so we change to the Broadmeadow Jetty.

Ducks at Round OJetty at Round O









Here we again spot the speeding night driver of Crom Castle. The boat is moored there and has got a sticker by the Erne Warden.

The night speeder at EnniskillenSticker









We leave after a shopping tour and wave the crew of ‘Kona Kai’ goodbye. Our drive goes on to Devenish. At Portora Lock the wind brings the smell of the sewage treatment across the small downstream lake. At Portora we spot 'Inish Davar', one of the working boats of Waterways Ireland.

Inish Davar









The air becomes fresher when we reach Devenish. Some boats visit the island in the afternoon.










But after four when Molaise III, the powerful ferry of NIEA (Northern Ireland Environment Agency) leaves, we are alone at this sheltered spot.



















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