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Ireland September 2009



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A kayaker glides silently past the jetty and only a few other boats pass.

Crom JettyPowerboat









Stone FliesView









Crom eveningCrom evening









As the sun is setting down the last boat besides us also leaves.

Evening light at Crom Jetty Evening mood at Crom









Later a boat suddenly passes the jetty in the dark with no navigation lights at speed. I take a photo and he sounds the horn twice. The second photo is afterwards brightened with computer software. Willi secures the glasses and a bottle from the table and then the boat starts to roll.

Speeding boatSpeeding boat









The rest of the evening is quiet and the Milky Way is mirrored in the surface of the glassy river.


Sunday 20/09/09 Castle - Ballyconnell - Haughton Shore

Length of boat trip: 7.2 hours

Motto of the day: A boat on the rocks and kingfishers on the Woodford

The sun gives us again a bright 'Hello' in the morning. The dewdrops on the boat twinkle. Wafts of mist rise from the warm river after the cool night. The fish hunt stoneflies and the swans, coots and great crested grebes have the peaceful waterway all to themselves.

Morning light at Crom JettySwans on the Erne









Morning light at Crom JettyBoat at Crom Jetty









Morning light at Crom JettyMorning light at Crom Jetty









Morning light at Crom JettySpider on the boat









Morning light at Crom JettyMorning light at Crom Jetty









Midge on the boatMorning light at Crom Jetty



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