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Wednesday 08/09/2010 Crom Castle - Knockninny 1.9 hours

Rainbows and a surprise visit

The water level has gone up still even more overnight (photo below on the left). What an increase in 36 hours! The right photo shows the water level on Sunday evening.

Crom Castle Jetty 08/09/2010Crom Castle Jetty 06/09/2010









Crom Castle Jetty Flooded Jetty









Although the past days were mild this day is really warm. We drive downstream and have only 20 cm at Lady Craigavon Bridge between our arch and bridge. Compare it with this photo taken on Monday.

Lady Craigavon BridgeUpper Lough Erne









Passing the inoperative weedcutter moored at the new private jetty between Coradillar and Share Holiday Centre we reach the Colebrooke River, where a flash flood has happened. There is not more debris than every year.

WeedcutterColebrooke River









We reach Knockninny without meeting another boat and there the water is only 1 foot below the jetty. The sunny spells become more frequent and short showers send us rainbow after rainbow.



















Moving rain cloudRainbow









Knockninny marinaDark clouds









Rain on the loughRainbow


















In the afternoon we have a surprise visit! Peter and Rosaleen have come by car and we enjoy their nice company. We relax in the evening while crowds of swallows are hunting around the boats.

Evening moodHappy hours









Banana boxesEvening mood









Banana boxesEvening mood









Knockninny marinaKnockninny Public Jetty









Evening mood








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