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Ireland April 2006



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01.05.2006 Castle Archdale - ABC

Length of the boat trip: 1,7 hours


We have slept well during the windy night and the morning starts bright and wavily. We visit the museum and walk longer than two hours in gardens, forest and along the shore of the Duross Bay. The wind is gusty and we feel like being at the sea.

wooden bridge









Back on the boat we have lunch sheltered on the flybridge.

In the afternoon we drive out for a ride between the islands. Rolling against the waves and gliding with them. But I don´t want to cross the open lake. We moor at a sheltered jetty and fish. The weatherforecast has told that the wind will persist tonight at Malin Head with 5-7 till 9 in gusts. We decide to stay tonight in the sheltered harbour of ABC and we arrive there after six o´clock.


02.05.2006 ABC - Lower Lough Erne - ABC

Length of the boat trip: 3,2 hours

After a blustery night the day starts with cold persistent rain. At midday the wind decreases but the rain gets all the more. We use the time to pack our bags.

Lower Lough Erne

At 3 o´clock we decide to go out for the last ride. We go around the island and the rain stops. Again we go out to Castle Rock and drive beyond Inishmakill. Three hours later we return to ABC.

In the afternoon the nice crew of the Inver Princess has arrived and we have a chat. Willi plays with Lucy, Liz Labrador Retriever. In the evening we enjoy how the sun goes down on the flybridge.



03.05.2006 ABC - Dublin - Düsseldorf - Wesel

At 7 a.m. out of the berth, at 10 a fast transfer to Dublin with some dangerous passings before bends. 1 p.m. Dublin Airport. Check in at the selfservice desk. Ample visititing of the restaurant and coffeeshop area. Departure at 5 p.m.. Arrival Dusseldorf 7:30 p.m. local time 22 degrees. The spring has reached Germany too.


What have I forgotten to report?

Our top fishing spots we won´t give away.GPS chart


Willi tested the first time a GPS-program with self scanned maps of the lower and Upper Lough Erne and was surprised by himself about the good result.

Altogether we drove with the boat 84,7 hours only at the helmstand outside. The most time we drove with a middle revolutions per minute and in the SEW with 900-1400. The more you take your time the more you can see the impressive landscape, the nature and the habitants in and along the waterways in the changing light.

The Inver Duke III has used ~ 4,3 l per hour.



cow with dogcow with dog









We have seen many unusual and usal animals:
hoopoe, black-tailed godwit, gulls, kingfisher, wagtails (also the irish yellow), curlews, herons, wild geese, chaffinch, blackbirds, robins, ducks different breeds and one white duck mutation, great crested grebes, raven and crows, butterflies, gouses, digger, sheep und lambs, cows and calves, horses and fillies, cats, dogs, Irish Reindeers…. but the wolfs of Keshcarrigan haven´t appeared











Some swans tried to displace our big white boat with pompous feathers.

The trouts jump out of the water but ignored the finest baits on Willi´s fly rod.


What could have been avoided?


The many boats going to fast through narrow parts of the river where the people on them don´t take care about the banks and the breeding birds.





What have we missed?


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