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18.04.2006 Lanesborough - Roosky - Kilglass

Length of the boat trip: 6,7 hours

In the morning a short discussion. Slowly going back to the north or a trip on Lough Ree? We are on holiday and we don´t want to get into a hurry, the weather is not really good and so we decided that Lanesborough is our southern reversal point. We go back to Tarmonbarry and after the Eastern weekend we meet no other boat. The young lockkeeper in Tarmonberry seems to be arrogant and he is always looking another direction. Poor boy! We chug along and reach Roosky at midday.

Tony gives us a comfort pass through lock and bridge after the lunch break. Going on in the Carnadoe Waters with the arch down through the bridge. It starts to rain a little (without wind) but I enjoy the beautiful waters. Till Kilglass the views are changing every minute. Narrow cuts and small lakes.


We are the only boat at Kilglass. The jetty is in a poor condition and the gangway has gone more down and the railing is now underwater and in front of the gangway there are no planks.

The rain has stopped. We relax and listen to the birds. On an sign is written: "The children of Kilglass say: Please don’t shoot our ducks!" We don´t do this. We have lamb in a rosmary-creme-sauce with Philadelphia-cheese.




19.04.2006 Kilglass - Mountain River - Kilglass

Length of the boat trip: 1,1 hours

Fresh awoken I am staring in astonishment about the morning view. The lake is covered with fog. Between the reed the swans are unreal. Fishermen launch their boat and slip into the haze.











Lough Kilglass


The sun brings power and the fog gives away. A cuckoo proclaims the spring. The island in the lake becomes visual again. The magic is clearing.

Mountain River

At lunch time we start going over the lake to the Mountain River. A wonderful landscape! The river winds softly. We reach with sunshine the junction point and turn round with small space. We drive slowly back to Kilglass.

Kilglass in the evening

Eggs with bacon because of the hail today below deck.

We watch a pike during hunting and we are glad to be at this beautiful spot of the world. Willi tries to fish and we make jokes about the "Haiopeis" (German comic with sharks, made by Thomas Siemensen) which are talking about Willis baits like on a fashion show but they don´t bite into .... they laugh about them. Also the moorhen is laughing.

In the evening the wind decreases and bats fly around.






20.04.2006 Kilglass - Carrick On Shannon - Lough Key / Drumman Island

Length of the boat trip: 5,5 hours

Getting up early. Flat clouds are moving over the lake. We enjoy the dry and sunny trip on the Carnadoe Waters back to Lough Boderg.

Carnadoe Carnadoe Island










The sun accompanies us till Albert lock and further on with some clouds. In the Jamestown Canal a full speed driving boat hired from Athlone Cruiser slops my coffee while I wait at the bridge and give him way. *grrrrr!* The canal is ploughed up and the tranquility lost. Keep cool Tina! We still enjoy the awakening of the nature and the turning to green at the shore and chug to Carrick on Shannon. At the jetty below the bridge we land and we are rocked by unexperienced boaters (private and hired) which are thinking that wind and current need full power to go through the bridge. But the jetty is well constructed and is rocking with and not against the boat.

I walk to the shops in town and think about where to get a good bread without a long walk. I have luck! Thursday is the new organic market! There I get two rump steaks of formerly happy cows, tasty feta cheese and gouda made in Belturbet (!), homemade bread and four sorts of saltwater fish from Killybegs. The fishmonger is selling a mackerel to an old woman when I arrive. He gives her one more and when he sees that I am smiling he twinkles to me. Later he tells me that the old woman has not enough money to buy another fish, only the cheapest, one mackerel, every week. I have left the half of my money at the market stall but I am sure that grandma will get her extra fish in the next weeks. I walk back to the boat with a good feeling and a big purchase.

We have a lusty lunch with very good cheese and I show Willi living irish prawns which I will prepare in the evening. The other foods are put into the freezer which is very good on this boat. We have a short stop at ESL and fill up the water.

Clarendon Lock

We are going slowly upstream on the Boyle. A big working boat is coming downstream at the entrance. The Boyle is a lovely changing to the wide Shannon and swallow with rocks. Maybe a river where you can get problems in summer with twin drives and too much draft. We reach Clarendon Lock and sluice together with a Tara boat which tried to meet the wall in the lock. Willi has a chat with Liam Cox, the friendly lockkeeper from Clondara. He tells Willi that the work at the lock will soon start.


Behind the lock the Tara boat is pain in my neck and I am lucky that the navigation gets wide and he can pass. He cut every bend and marker and we tattle that Tara clients rent a steel boat because they will never get a "Largus Plastamus" (fibreglass) anywhere anymore. We enjoy the sunny Lough Key and moor at Drumman Island.


In the evening we allow ourselves a bottle of old vine juice, a fireworks goes along and we indulge ourselves in garlic fried irish prawns.


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