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Ireland April 2006



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28.04.2006 Inishclare - ABC - Lusty More - Lusty Beg

Length of the boat trip: 2,6 hours boats



The morning promises good weather with a blue sky and only few clouds and few wind from the north. In one hour we arrive at ABC. Andi changes the fan belt and we drive over the Broad Lough with brilliant weather to Lusty More.

Lower Lough Erne



Lusty More









We frizzle eggs and bacon and take the lunch on the fly. Hour for hour we relax with a magnificent view. The freshening wind works round to westerly directions.

Lusty Beg

We drive around Lusty More. The wind blows against and I don´t feel like surfing. So we change our arrangements and moor in the lee of Lusty Beg. The holiday centre is pleasing and we have some beer in the sunny beer garden.

view to Kesh







Afterwards we walk to the west point of Lusty beg but we do not reach it because the flood blocks the way to the small island. We enjoy the rest of the day on the boat. Some clouds are covering the sky and the wind goes down.




29.04.2006 Lusty Beg - Castle Caldwell

Length of the boat trip: 1,4 hours

In the morning it is overcast and the lake calm. We drive to Castle Caldwell and meet a nice couple which has rent also a boat for three weeks. The sun wins against the clouds.

flowers under the trees


We attempt a walking tour around the castle ruin and the Castle Bay. Like at Lough Key and Castle Archdale we are impressed by the high old trees. The forest soil is covered with blue, white and yellow flowers. During the rest of the day we relax and fish on flybridge and jetty.

Castle Caldwell



Castle Bay










30.04.2006 Castle Caldwell - Kesh - Crevinhaughy Nord - Castle Archdale

Length of the boat trip: 3,5 hours


In the morning all is befoged and we feel our way out of the Bleanalung Bay. At Eagle Island the fog is lifting. The lake is calm. We think over going to Belleek but decide against it because there is a changing of the weather forecasted for today.






We cross the lake and drive between Boa Island and Lusty Beg to Kesh for lunch. A short walk into the village. The take-away is closed and it seems not only today. Kesh has now two supermarkets and the possibility to buy food is good.



In the afternoon we go back to the Lower Lough and irish steady rain starts but not bucketing down. We moor at Crevenishaughy North and spend the evening with fishing and Irish Coffee sheltered under the persenning. The rain gets heavier and we go below the deck.

During frying the steaks I notice that the oil in the pan starts to swap *grumble*. I take a look-out and see the horizon clearing off. `Willi have a look, it starts swaying from northwest. This is not good at this jetty. Shall we change the jetty and have cold steaks?´ We starts to work at the same time and cast off by crepuscular light. The jetty on the other side of the island seems also not to be calm for the night. And so we rock and ride with the last light into the port of Castle Archdale. There we enjoy the drawn through steaks. Only the mushrooms are a little bit hard-bitten but therefore we have avoided a turbelent night. During the night strong wind and waves bluster even into the sheltered port of Castle Archdale.


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