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Ireland September 2006



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02.10.2006 Lusty Beg - Castle Archdale - Davy´s Island

Length of boat trip: 1.9 hours

Another sunny day begins. The wind changes around to northerly. We go around Lusty More and between Boa Island and Lusty More in the direction of Kesh. The wind freshens and we tour along Castle Rock in the lee of the islands and go on to Castle Archdale.

We have a long walk in the park in the autumn leaves. The Red Deer is not shy and do a lot of grunting.

We walk back along the shore. We leave Castle Archdale where an unusual boat was moored this time and continue to Davy´s Island.

Castle ArchdaleRed Deer


03.10.2006 Davy´s Island - White Island - Crevinishaughy General´s Quay - Davy´s Island - ABC

Length of boat trip: 2.4 hours

This is our last day on the boat. First we take our empty suitcases at ABC, where we have stored them. Then we go out beside Creefin Island but on the exposed water surface white horses make us turn back. We enjoy ourselves in the lee of the islands for the rest of the day. We visit White Island with the old stone figures and have lunch at the General´s Quay. In the afternoon we relax again at Davy´s Island and return to ABC in the late afternoon. We get diesel and moor in the harbour. In the last evening we are spoiled by a sunset.

Lower Lough ErneWhite Island







evening light


04.10.2006 ABC - Clifden

The hired car is delivered in the morning as arranged. We say good-bye and drive to the west. The route goes along Benbulben to Westport and further on, through the impressive Connemara landscape, along beside Killary Fjord to Clifden.


After a round trip on the Sky Road we reach the dreamlike Dolphin Beach House.

On our last evening we are spoiled in an almost Mediterranean style house with a magical Irish ambiance. Dolphin Beach House

The evening ends at an open fire with the smell of turf.





05.10.2006 Clifden - Shannon Airport - Weeze (Niederrhein)

After a short shopping stop in Clifden we drive through a storm and lots of rain to Shannon Airport where we get our plane back to Germany.

cloudwaves left










In September 2005 we had a stormy and rainy holiday. This time 2006 it was mild, really warm and often the sun spoiled us. The soft autumn light and the magical worlds, which the sun and the clouds had produced, were impressive. It was good to open our hearts and minds with the view in the wide landscape.

The days were only marred by the oil spill on the Woodford and Erne. We do not want to keep quiet about this or to make it look harmless. Anybody could unexpectedly come across this kind of incident. We felt helpless, became angry and saddened about what had happened. During the last weeks we tried to find a way to cope and handle it. One result is a list of relevant phone numbers in regard to water pollution incidents. We would advise everyone to have them on board. Of course we hope that nobody will need it.

If somebody meets “Stoffel“ please be friendly to him!

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