The boat trip in September 2006

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Ireland September 2006



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The boat trip in September 2006

on Erne and Woodford


23.09.2006 Wesel - Düsseldorf - Dublin - ABC, Lower Lough Erne

This is our second fresh water boat trip in Ireland together with my parents. They are both are 75 years old and although they have some arches caused by old age, they are chancing going boating again .... yes because .... it was so great in 2003!

Our flight is in the morning and we arrive in Dublin after 12. 16 degrees and cloudy. We get the first shower on the way to the airport building. We have to wait a while for our transfer and then it´s slow because of the heavy traffic. But we are on holiday and can relax. At ABC, Liz welcomes us at 5:30 p.m.: "You are really late!" The Duke IV is waiting for us at the new jetty. As always she is in a perfect condition. In 2003 my mother and I had unpacked our luggage while Willi and my father were having a beer with Charly (Erincurrach). Today we send them to the harbour of Aghinver to have a look around. In the evening we relax and have rissoles, which we brought from home for dinner.


24.09.2006 ABC - Devenish - Tully Inishmore

Length of boat trip: 4.6 hours

There is a cloudy sky with only a little wind. We tour around the islands with a trip along Manor House and go on to Devenish Island. There we stay the rest of the morning. A Swiss crew on a neighbouring boat tell us about the heavy storm on Wednesday night and the constant rain, which fell on Friday.


The sun comes out for a short time and we go onto Enniskillen for shopping. We meet Ina and Karl-Heinz on their boat at the entrance to the Shopping Centre. They shout that the jetty is covered with duck-poo and that the way across the construction site is windy. We check the situation and decide to moor before the footbridge at the Lakeland Forum. Our usual big purchases are rolled over the bridge in a shopping trolley.


We go onto Tully Inishmore. This time not gamboling lambs but grown-up cattle welcome us. At the jetty next door, Dirk and his angling friends´ boat is moored. Willi has a chat with him and Dirk gives Willi some earthworms. Thanks a lot !

We enjoy the beautiful evening atmosphere.

25.09.2006 Tully Inishmore - Crom Castle

Length of boat trip: 3.4 hours


The Erne has a high water level like it had in spring and we cannot reach the waste container because of the flooded meadows. The high water level is unusual at this time of the year. But what is normal on the Irish Waterways? We go onto Carrybridge and Crom Castle and enjoy the Upper Lough Erne in the sunshine. On the horizon over Ballyconnell a dark weather front can be seen but it looks far away.


At the entrance to Tirraroe we spot some new markers. One double one shows an unconventional Irish solution!


At Crom Castle we have a lunch break. After that, my parents go for a walk in the bright sunshine. I relax on the fly in the warm autumn sun. The sky slowly clouds over. It is getting really dark. A crew on a small Carrickcraft boat try several times to moor at the jetty unsuccessfully. I call Willi to help them but whilst putting on his shoes there is a heavy cloudburst. Meanwhile the Carrickcraft boat circles around.

We are worried about my parents and try to call them on their mobile but we can´t contact them. I switch on the heating and lay out towels for them. After about fifteen minutes the heavy rain lightens and Willi helps the crew of the Carrickcraft boat to moor. They are a couple from Seattle and they have a rib at home but have no cruiser experiences. After that Willi goes looking for my parents in the rain; he find them, sitting behind the window of the visitor centre, waving whilst phoning at the same time.


The cloudburst is over as quickly as it arrived. The landscape shows us the autumn colours.


The light produces continual changing magical worlds.


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